Therapies offered-

1)  Clinical Hypnotherapy- Provider numbers for claiming

2)  Hypnobirthing by Lorina – Private or group sessions

3) Holistic Counselling- anxiety, depression, relationship, self esteem, etc

4) Non Attachment Therapy

5) Quantum E.F.T. Belief changing and more…

What is hypnosis or hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply an altered state of mind or conscious awareness, much more easily achieved than some people realise. It is a light trance state with varying degrees of consciousness, a state somewhere between asleep and awake. This differs from person to person. This state allows for more rapid change to occur.

Hypnotic suggestion bypasses the conscious minds natural resistance to change. Receiving positive suggestion in this relaxed state reprograms the subconscious mind to permanently effect the positive changes the person desires. This positive suggestion re-trains a person’s subconscious belief system and allows them to overcome habits, phobias and other unwanted behaviours and negative tendencies providing the opportunity to change and grow. This enables the person to take steps towards the life they consciously want to be living.

1) HYPNOTHERAPY– How is it done?

Every person experiences hypnosis in their unique way. In my office you will be seated in a comfortable chair with gentle background music playing, while being guided by my voice to relax to whatever level is appropriate for you. There is no wrong or right way to experience hypnosis, however you experience it, will be perfect for you. ‘Your’ mind is in control of the whole process. Generally speaking you will be likely to experience relaxation, sleepiness and limpness in the muscles of the arms and or the legs. Often a feeling of floating is felt or a relaxing heaviness. Both are fine. Methods vary, however the use of the therapist’s voice to guide you in this relaxed state, is all you need to think about. It really is a wonderfully relaxing therapy.

2) HYPNO-BIRTHING – What is hypno-birthing all about?

In essence to me it’s about empowering women and their birth partners to experience a positive birth. The tools we use are calming relaxation techniques, visualisations, current up to date researched birth related education to enable informed decisions which we support non-judgementally. Participating parents receive a folio of resources to refer to during and after the course and we teach self-hypnosis to enable our Mum’s to learn to really relax and this tool can support you as parents also.