Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and depression can really limit your life.

In today’s busy lifestyle learning to manage stresses will assist your health and well-being and result in a calmer, more balanced lifestyle which leads to a happier much more enjoyable way to live.

Some examples of what hypnosis can help with in regards to stress/anxiety/depression:

  • Feeling a lack of control
  • Money worries.
  • Workplace pressure.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Parenting challenges.
  • Caring for a loved one.
  • Panic attacks/ anxiety.
  • Studying/ exams.
  • Situations that we feel unconfident about.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Lacking motivation.
  • Health concerns. Etc, etc………..

A helpful key to remember is that these things are not the cause of stress but for some people they are stress triggers. It is the meaning that we give them and how we respond to that, which creates how we feel.

Stress in our lives can serve a purpose of positive response assisting us to escape or confront a threat, however most of us tend to focus on the negatives of the impact of stress. Our body responds to this by releasing hormones and other substances into the blood stream which makes the body react in many different and varied ways. Some people express stress by showing anger, some people go quiet, some people withdraw from society, some people overeat, some people cannot keep their mind focused, some people have panic attacks and so on.

  • If the original stress trigger continues the body begins to produce hormones that increase the body’s blood sugars and blood pressure, causing us to feel tired, overwhelmed, foggy etc.
  • If the person becomes exhausted, the adrenal glands become over used and are unable to produce the hormones that are needed to cope with the situation. We can then find ourselves with less tolerance of stress triggers, gradual mental and physical exhaustion and more serious illness may then be a result.

Some Associated Symptoms of Stress may be:

  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Feelings of anxiousness, nervousness, irritability.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Feeling tired and worn out for no apparent reason.
  • Feeling less interested in your sex life, less motivation for the things you used to do.
  • Feelings of dread, sadness, hopelessness or depression.
  • Experiencing difficulties in sleeping.
  • Tension in your neck, shoulders and/or jaw area.
  • Difficulties in concentrating and making decisions.
  • Experiencing sweating palms, pounding/racing heart.
  • Relying on caffeine, alcohol or smoking.
  • Experiencing frequent headaches.
  • Getting colds or bugs more often than you used to.

CREATING CHANGE- Dealing with the stress triggers.

There are some stresses that we can’t control, however, there is still a lot we can do to reduce our stress triggers, illuminate them or become more resilient towards them.

  • We can engage in self care activities- walking on the beach, massage, healthy eating etc.
  • We can do this by changing the way we think about it and/or dissolve the negative feeling that is produced.
  • We can become more physically active, learn relaxation skills, find a hobby we enjoy etc.
  • By using the body’s innate ability to heal itself and regulate itself through natural therapies, giving the mind and body the direction it requires to heal.

By using hypnosis we have the opportunity to present some new positive ideas to your mind which may give them an opportunity for promotion, therefore creating tools for a desired change.

MANAGE STRESS-Reclaim your freedom and feel back in control of your life

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