Chronic Fatigue

Is the common name for a group of significantly debilitating medical conditions characterised by persistent fatigue and other persistent symptoms that last a minimum of 6 months in adults and around 3 months in children or youth. The fatigue is not due to exertion, not significantly relieved by rest and not caused by other medical conditions.

Symptoms of CFS include, malaise after exertion, unrefreshing sleep,  wide spread muscle and joint pain, sore throat, headaches of a type not previously experienced, cognitive difficulties, chronic and severe mental and physical exhaustion, anxiety  and more.

CFS symptoms vary in number, type and severity form person to person. The quality of life of a person who is experiencing CFS can be extremely compromised.

Hypnosis in the management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

I have worked with many wonderful clients who have been experiencing CFS who have changed their lives and shown amazingly  positive  results. I use both hypnotherapy and Non Attachment Therapy for the most rapid and lasting results.

It is experimentally postulated that hypnosis can activate the mind body connection and enhance the immune system. I have found many but not all CFS clients have experienced glandular fever and often after apparent recovery a traumatic event has occurred which usually involves an emotional shock. Sometimes it can appear to be isolated to after the shock, of a traumatic event.This shock can differ form person to person from a job loss, to financial strain, divorce, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, a loss of some sort or any number of other experiences that trigger a stressful response in that individual.

Hypnosis can help to balance and release the emotional event, thereby releasing the body from the continual underlying causes of stress. This allows the immune system to regain strength and go about the business of healing and reclaiming their lives. Non Attachment Therapy plays a big part in removing the negative feelings that fuel negative responses. This creates immediate and permanent change.

Return to your fullest potential.

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