Hypnobirthing by Lorina

What is Hypnobirthing and how can it help me?

In essence to me Hypnobirthing is really about empowering women and their birth partners to experience a positive pregnancy and birth. Despite what the name suggests, hypnobirthing is not all about hypnosis. There are no pendulums waving past your nose and you definitely will not be put under some ‘spell’ and run around the labour room clucking like a chicken.

Hypnobirthing parents unapologetically, positively anticipate a good birth experience and are willing to take ownership of it. The results are far reaching, because when we have an empowering birth experience, this sets us up well for empowered and positive parenting.

Hypnobirthing mothers and birth partners educate ourselves about how the body and mind works and how the birthing process is designed to unfold; so that we feel calmer and more confident during birthing. Just as an athlete trains for an event- we too, train our mind and body for the amazing ‘endurance event’ that we are about to preform.

The tools we use are calming relaxation techniques, visualisations, current and researched education to enable informed decisions which we non-judgementally support .

We also teach self-hypnosis to enable our Mum’s to learn how to really relax and this tool continues to support you later on, in parenting also. We use hypnosis to release fears and during the birth itself to help you stay in a positive mind set and in the zone for a calming and beautiful birth.

We have an abundance of resources for our Mum’s and birth partners in our parent ‘Folio of Resources’: from birth videos, relaxation scripts and downloads, bonding with baby info, through to how your amazing uterus and body births your baby and more……

Currently I offer on-line courses either in a group or privately as well for individuals I offer face to face courses.

Post Covid 19 :I will offer face to face courses for groups and individually with Mum’s and their birth partners.

I have been practising Clinical Hypnotherapy for 15 years this year 2021, along with Quantum Emotional Freedom Technique and Holistic Counselling for on-going support if required after the course and our time together and after the birth of your baby.

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