Weightloss Through Hypnotherapy

Train your mind to prefer healthy eating habits.

Weight control: Are you fed up with diets and yo-yo weight? Find out the alternative and effective way of losing weight and keeping it off with permanent lifestyle change. Discover how hypnotherapy can change the way you look and feel by changing the way you think about weight and how and what you eat.

  • Are you one of many people who struggle with weight, even if it’s just a few kilos?
  • Is it more the state of your health that concerns you?
  • Do you find yourself thinking about food constantly?
  • Perhaps you eat the wrong types of food?
  • Maybe your portion sizes are larger than your body needs?
  • Maybe you find yourself eating when you feel emotional or bored or stressed?

When we do something for long enough, even if it is unhealthy it can begin to feel ok. These behaviours can become habitual, which can lead to eating unnecessarily and gaining weight. This can and often is, going on beneath our conscious awareness, which makes it more difficult to change without assistance.

There are many reasons people carry excess weight. We often eat the way we do or carry excess weight as a result of past beliefs, learned behaviours and or emotional triggers, often initiated from the past as well. These behaviours come from our subconscious mind because it is this part of the mind that our experiences, beliefs and behaviours are formed.

  • Through Hypnotherapy and Non-Attachment Therapy, I will help you to manage your thoughts about health and or remove your negative emotions and to change unhealthy behaviours into healthy ones.
  • You will learn to think, view yourself, speak, feel and act as a healthier, slimmer version of yourself.
  • Hypnosis is a very effective solution to remove the emotional connections and subconscious behaviours and beliefs that are barriers to weight control.
  • While Non-Attachment Therapy dissolves permanently, the negative emotions that fuel negative behaviour.
  • Together they are the most powerful platform for change that I have ever experienced.

Lorina offers a weightloss program with take home information or you can choose to be helped session by session.

Through Hypnosis We Can Help

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