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Anxiety and depression can really limit your life.

In today’s busy lifestyle learning to manage stresses will assist your health and well-being and result in a calmer, more balanced lifestyle which leads to a happier much more enjoyable way to live.

Some of things Lorina can help with...

Triggers/negative emotional reactions

Financial related fears


Fears and phobia's

Lack of confidence

Lack of motivation

Fear of success and failure

Panic attacks

Performance anxiety

Driving related fears


Hopeless and disempowered feelings

Therapy session
Lorina's says

These things are not the cause of stress but for some people they are stress triggers.
It is the meaning that we give them and how we respond to that, which creates how we feel.

Image by Fa Barboza
How does anxiety & depression effect us?

Stress in our lives can serve a purpose of positive response assisting us to escape or confront a threat, however most of us tend to focus on the negatives of the impact of stress.

Our body responds to these triggers by releasing hormones and other substances into the blood stream which makes the body react in many different and varied ways.

Some people express stress by showing anger, some go quiet, or withdraw from society, or overeat, some people cannot keep their mind focused, some people have panic attacks and so on.

Creating change
  • We can become more physically active, learn relaxation skills, find a hobby we enjoy etc.

  • We can through giving the mind/body positive directions, support the body's innate ability to offer information, heal and regulate itself.

  • We can engage in self care activities - walking on the beach, massage, healthy eating etc.

  • We can do this by changing the way we think about a situation by identifying and releasing triggers.

There are some situations that are out of our control but we can learn how to be in charge of our responses.

Manage stress, reclaim your freedom and feel back in control of your life.

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