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Children’s Therapies

Bed wetting, Fears, Thumb sucking, Separation anxiety, Nail biting, Stuttering, O.C.D, Bullying, Fear of the dark, etc. are concerns that  some children have.

There are many children’s problems that hypnotherapy can help with. The great thing is their wonderful imagination makes hypnotherapy easy for them.

Some of things Lorina can help with...

Bed wetting

Social anxiety

Stuttering/Speech issues

Nail biting

Relationship/Family issues 


Eating problems

Self confidence/Self esteem

Fears of dark

Separation anxiety

Improving concentration

Behavioural problems

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Lorina's says

Hypnotherapy for children is as simple as telling them a story, usually about their favourite subject. Creating pictures in their mind of the desired outcome.

Parents are welcome to stay with their child, creating a supportive and comfortable environment.

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Support for your child to live to their full potential

Children see themselves as the centre of their world as their minds and bodies are still developing.

Some children, for example who suffer from bronchial asthma can also experience a level of anxiety, lack self confidence and/or can show signs of dependency on one or both parents.

Working with children is one of Lorina's passions and they respond well to our safe, respectful and empowering process.

Building their confidence can and does make a positive difference to their lives.

Creating change

In the substantial majority of cases I have seen and treated, the child has achieved a positive outcome or at the very least, some improvement from where they were. Perhaps one of the best things about treating children with hypnotherapy is to be able to offer a natural therapy that does not rely on synthetic drugs. 


Also, hypnotherapy is able to play a secondary role in changing thought patterns in the child and make effective changes in the child’s behaviour complimentary to whether they are taking prescribed drugs or not. This assists in setting their life on a positive course.

Support in allowing children access to their minds power and innate wisdom.

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