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Is in essence really about empowering woman and their birth partner to experience a positive birth experience. Despite what the name suggests hypnobirthing is so much more than hypnosis. 


It offers mothers to be and their partners the ingredients required to feel empowered and create a positive birth experience, regardless of the method required.

Some of the things Lorina can help with...

Lack of confidence


Choices/being informed

Fears regarding birthing


Use of language

Empowering knowledge

Relaxtion skills

Acupressure points for relief



Creating your ideal environment

Lorina's says

Every birth is unique and we can never know every aspect of what to expect. The focus is on a postivive birth expeirnce however your journey evolves.

The results are far reaching, because when we have an empowering birth experience, this sets us up well for empowered and positive parenting.

Image by Jonathan Borba
Teaching mothers and birth partners techniques for beautiful calm and positive birthing

Face to face group classes. Includes 12 hours of tuituon and support.

Private classes includes private tuition and support in person or via zoom.

Knowledge is power and brings about confidence. Hypnobirthing classes/session create an empowering platform for a positive birth experience.

Creating change

When Hypnobirthing mothers and birth partners receive education or knowledge about how the body and mind work together and how the birthing process is designed to unfold, they feel calmer and more confident during birthing. Just as an athlete trains for an event,  Hypnobirthing gives you the tools to feel prepared for your upcoming birth. 

The tools we use are calming relaxation techniques, visualisations, current and researched education to enable informed decisions which we non-judgementally support. 

Many of us have had our own or heard birthing stories that can bring up all kinds of fears, which do not have to be your current experience. The tools you will learn will support your birthing process, including relaxation skills and will continue to support you in parenting long after your birth. The Hypnobirthing can be arranged to suit you needs: via Zoom, face-to-face, privately or in groups.

A positive birth experience

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