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Health Concerns

As humanity progresses we are more aware of the connection between mind and body. Most of us can relate to feeling low in energy or mood which is often a pre-cursor to ill physical health or disease.

Our health has always played a big part in our happiness. With the willingness to identify the cause of disease we can then allow the innate wisdom of the mind/body connection to reclaim balance. 

Some of things Lorina can help with...

Psychosomatic limitations


Physical pain

Covid related stress

Healthy choices

Losing use of healthy limbs

Foggy/confused thinking

Feeling fatigued/exhausted


Memory loss

Refusing to accept reality

Sleep disturbance

Yoga Class
Lorina's says

Our health is our wealth!


When our health becomes a priority, our lives can be all we wish them to be.

Image by Mor Shani
What causes health concerns?

There are an infinite number of reason people experience health issues. My focus is in the area of mind/body connection and when this connection has interference, either disease or limited function can result.

The reason for these are varied but family conditioning, stress, trauma, self neglect, negative beliefs and behaviours are some of the causes.

Fortunately it is not necessary to understand the cause, the client just requires a willingness to identify the problem.


Identifying the problem is a good starting place to bring about healing, in a time or way that best suits you.

Outdoors Yoga Class
Creating change

When we allow negative influences in our lives to draw us away from being aligned to our best selves, our mind & body suffers and our lives become less than they could be.

With a change in thoughts & beliefs and a focus on valuing yourself, health can be regained often beyond what has commonly been possible.

Hyponotherapy, E.F.T, EMDR and Non-attachment therapies can and do help balance the mind/body connection resulting in optimum health and wellbeing for the client. Enabling you to create your best life.

Mind & body wellbeing

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