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Quit Smoking

You don’t have to do it on your own anymore! In just a couple of sessions you can quit smoking for life.


Lorina has a proven track record for helping thousands of people quit smoking and she can help you too. Hypnosis really does make quitting the habit easier.

What can quitting do for you?

Save you lots of money

Give you your freedom back

Improve your health & wellbeing

Don't replace one addiction with another

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Lorina's says

Many of our habits can be psychologically connected with smoking of cigarettes. For example, you love nothing more than a cigarette after a meal.


So this means that it's usually not a physcial addiction but a pyshcological habit or progam often formed over years of repeated behaviour.

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How smoking can effect us

The average smoker spends somewhere between $60.00 and $160.00 per week on their habit. That's thousands of dollars a year.

When you are addicted to something, you loose your freedom of choice. Being smoke free is about reclaiming your freedom.

When you make the decision to stop being controlled by cigarettes, you can begin to take charge of health, improve your relationships and take change for your time.

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Creating change

Most people find it hardest to resist smoking when they are in the need of relaxation, feeling bored, driving, dealing with stressful situations or when they are out drinking alcohol with friends. 

  • During the hypnotherapy session, Lorina will speak to your subconscious mind to eliminate the old program, smoking behaviours & addictions.

  • Your subconscious mind is the key to accessing your automated behaviours, which needs to occur in order to modify or eliminate them. 

  • With your permission, Lorina can utitlise hypnotherapy to change your old smoking program, with most people finding positive results quickly and easily.

Everyone can stop smoking if they care committed to doing so

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