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Fears & Phobias

Most of us are aware of what a fear is and maybe best explained as an uncomfortable feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined.


Whereas a phobia is a type of anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. Phobias typically result in a rapid onset of fear and are present for more than six months.

Some of things Lorina can help with...

Fear of flying

Fear of intimacy

Fear of not being enough

Social anxiety

Fear of worse case scenario

Fear of judgement

Fear of driving


Fear of spiders

Public speaking

Fear of the unknown

Feat of abandonment

Image by Gantas Vaičiulėnas
Lorina's says

What these fears have in common is an intense desire to avoid that thing that brings about those terrible feelings of anxiety, nausea, panic and or incapacitation.

How can a fear or phobia effect us?

The main problem that living with fears or phobias creates is the limitation of our life. In truth we can only achieve what it is we believe we can achieve.

You might have heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy, which means whatever you believe, you create or whatever you think about, you bring about.

A fear is the result of a negative  belief which is the result of a repetitive thought. When an action is repeated over and over it forms a program which with the help of hypnotherapy can and does change to a more helpful and positive one. 

Creating change

A life that is lead by avoiding our fears whether they are flying, driving, leaving home, heights, small spaces, public speaking, socialising or one of the other many fears and phobias, is a life only half lived and a life of limitations.


Some people think it's a permanent state of existence or even a physical ailment. These reactions are facilitied by your emotions. These physical symptoms, felt in your body can be eliminated permanently by changing how you think, which in time changes how you feel and how you behave.

  • Hypnotherapy, E.F.T, EMDR, and Non- Attachment Therapy can fast track this change.

  • Feel the freedom to go where you want, when you want with confidence.

  • Enjoy success because you are performing at your best.

Reclaim your freedom

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