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Spiritual Healing

There are many of life’s challenges that are freely addressed through a more spiritual approach.

As a Reiki Master, Intuitive, Highly sensitive person and Empath Lorina utilises the support of our innate wisdom, higher-self and infinite resources to aid in the healing process.

Some of things Lorina can help with...

Letting go


The law of attraction and its benefits

Identifying the cause behind health issues

Unpacking the journey of self realisation

Finding acceptance with unchangeable challenges

Strengthening your self reliance

Self worthiness


Discovering tools within to support empowerment

Unhealthy patterns brought to light


Image by Jeremy Bishop
Lorina's says

Spiritual healing differs from mainstream models and is about returning to the source within where true empowerment is achieved. It includes a holistic approach, acknowledging mind, body and spirit.

This approach is bringing you back to your innate abilities, akashic skills and wisdoms, higher dimensional senses that go beyond sight, sounds, smell, touch and taste.

As our earth, Gaia, transcends into the firth dimension, most of humanity is also receiving the call. Life is changing more rapidly than ever before and our personal journey is supported through this multi-faceted approach.

Image by Darius Bashar
Uncovering the cause, supports lasting change.

Many people are tired of band-aid fixes and are ready for an inner revolution.

We are mind, body & spirit and when our whole-self is acknowledged and respected, real healing is possible.

Reaching your potential requires knowing what it is. Whatever is humanily possible, you can achieve.

Image by Zac Durant
Creating change

Complete respect to each person’s beliefs and choices is always a guide in all sessions.

Those people wanting to understand a bigger picture of life, their own or the collective will often find answers in this spiritually guided path.

Sometimes loneliness, low self-worth, feelings of emptiness, apathy, depression and/or anxiety can be signals that this deeper path is calling you.

We are loved and supported more than many of us are aware and this re-connection can support a more unified, conscious, balanced, empowered, happy and full filling life.

Now is your time. When the ego weeps for what is lost, the spirit rejoices for what is found.

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