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All relationships begin with the self. When we are out of balance, when our self-esteem is low, when we are carrying childhood wounds or fears and/or traumas from our past experiences our relationships are effected.

Some of things Lorina can help with...

Power struggles


Highly sensitive people

Indifelity issues

Family feuds

Inner-child healing

Same sex issues


Conscious relating

Intimacy issues

Narcissistic behaviours

Setting boundaries

Image by Hector Reyes
Lorina's says

Humanity thrives when we come together. Relationships are at the core of our lives.

Gaining skills, releasing fears and building your self worth supports us in establishing healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Harmonious relating

Enjoy quality authentic relationships.

Resolve inner child triggers.

Create the love you deserve.

Creating change

Using the most suitable approach for you, together we will uncover blocks, identify and change negative beliefs that are currently running your unconscious programming, become clear and conscious of unhelpful protective behaviour and or lack of clarity to help find your path to the life you desire and where born to live.

When your self worth if strong you make healthy choices and attract relationships that value you and bring you joy.

Value yourself. Love your life.

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