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Sleep Disorders

Are you experiencing difficulty in sleeping? Are you finding the moment your head hits the pillow your mind suddenly wants to go over every little thing you did during the day?


Perhaps it’s just a busy mind and doesn’t seem to know how to slow down, even when it’s time to sleep.

Some of things Lorina can help with...

Interrupted sleep

Fuzzy thinking

Getting back to sleep

Busy mind/can't switch off

Difficulty sleeping at all

Feeling safe

Quality of sleep

Snoring keeping you awake

Waking up fatigued

Weight loss regulation

Unable to relax

Emotional balacing

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Lorina's says

When your sleeping pattern is interrupted often your concentration suffers, this is caused by the synapses that connect various parts of the brain that just don’t fire.


We lose the ability to think laterally and focus becomes poor. When drained enough our brain begins to shut down of its own accord, it does this to rest.

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How does lack of sleep effects us?

Put simple we need quality sleep to function at our best. If you suffer from a sleep disorder, getting enough sleep naturally, can be a challenge.

The more tired you feel, the more anxious you feel and the more difficult it can be to fall asleep. On and on the cycle goes.

During sleep our body eliminates fats and toxins, renews cells, and our nerves rest at a very deep level.


Deep sleep can also help regulate our weight.

Your mind also integrates the events of the day while sleeping and you may have noticed, after a good night’s sleep you awaken feeling refreshed, revitalized and life seems to flow easier.


The quality of our sleep really does affect the quality of our lives.

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Creating change

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe, non addictive, gentle and natural solution to your sleep concerns. You will feel and look more alive and resilient and you will be able to deal with life’s challenges more efficiently and effectively.


You will regain your passion for life and the quality of your life will be enhanced.

Humans spend nearly a third of their lives asleep. It's a largely brain-focused phenomenon. Quality of sleep effects our immune system, alters hormones, plays a major role in the brains connectivity and plasticity which effects learning and memory. It has also shown to effect regulation of priorities and emotions. So sleep pretty much effects our entire life.


Many people find after sessions of hypnotherapy they sleep better and deeper than previously, even if their reason for attending was something else.

Sleep well, now.

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